Mission and Vision

  1. To Provide the basic amenities to the general public.
  2. Introduce E-Governance to the general public.
  3. Give aims and objectives of the council to the general public.
  4. Inform the development activities taken by the council to the public.
  5. To Keep good relation between council and public.
  6. To collect tax and non-tax revenues.
  7. Preparation of annual budget and insure expenditure.
  8. To maintain records under Birth & Death Act.
  9. Issue of Trade/Food licenses.
  10. Maintenance of public parks/Gardens.
  11. To Provide access to socio-economic database.
  12. To provide citizen centric (Govt. to Citizen) services, E-Governance application.
  13. Market access and E-Commerce.
  14. Weather information.
  15. To use IT tools for sustainable regional development.
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