History of Thoubal and Thoubal Municipality

Local people believe in a myth related to the history of NONGPOK NINGTHOU and PANTHOIBI.One day PANTHOIBI were taking bath in the Thoubal River. NONGPOK NINGTHOU changes into a big tiger form and tried to attack PANTHOIBI while she was bathing inside the Thoubal River Water. On seeing the big tiger, PANTHOIBI picked up a stone and threw into the tiger. The stone hit into the head of the tiger. In archaic Manipur, the word stone and to hit or strike known as Thoudu and Panba respectively. Thus Thoubal derived from two words Thoudu and Panba .It is conglomerate words of Thou and Pan derived from Thoudu and Panba. The word Thoupan becomes THOUBAL in later stage.

History of Thoubal Municipality

  1. Date of Declaration as STC on 10/01/1969 of 12 wards.
  2. Date of Declaration as Municipality Council on 06/03/1982 of 18 wards.
  3. Date of Declaration of 6 wards in addition to 12 wards on 28/12/1982.
  4. Last vote held on 06/01/2006.
  5. Total population of 12 wards as per 2001 Manipur Census report is 41,149.
  6. Total population of 18 wards as per Economic Survey report is 45,003 for the year 2006.